Five Ways to Prevent Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Around the middle of your pregnancy, you may notice swelling feet and or ankles, it’s pretty common with women who are pregnant. This swelling can be painful, and some women cannot do normal everyday things when they swell. This makes living really hard. There are something’s you can do at home to prevent this from happening if notice that your feet are swollen.
Don’t stand too long
Standing for long periods of time will give fluids access to the lower parts of your body and can cause your feet and ankles to swell up.

Drink Water
Drink lots and lots of water while you are pregnant. Water flushes out the excess toxins that would settle in your feet if you didn’t drink water. This is why it is advised to drink six to eight glasses of water a day, though it will make you need to use the bathroom more, which is a good thing. Urination is a way of getting rid of toxins also.

Put your feet up
When you rest, try to prop your feet up so that the blood circulation will even out. Try to get them as high as you can, and you will see some reduction in the swelling of the feet.

Sleeping Positions
Laying in one position will create increased pressure on the one side you are laying on, and you might see your feet swell up because of that. Try propping them up with pillows or cushions to prevent the fluid from gathering in the feet.

Don’t wear tight pants┬áthat are looser and will support your feet much easier.

NO hot temperatures
Hot temperatures will reduce how much water you are actually taking in. So it is advises to avoid warmer weather as much as possible. My feet and hands swelled way up during our summer here in Washington, and it was really painful and I was unable to walk well at all.

Ref: Mayo