Best Penis Extenders of 2018 -Ranked

Top Three Penis Extenders of 2018

In this article, we are going to have a look at the top three penis extenders of this year so far. If you have decided on purchasing a penis extender but aren’t sure which one to get, take a look at the three mentioned below. All three help give you better, stronger erections, correct penis curvature, and add an inch or two in length and about an inch in girth.

#3: Phallosan Forte

Coming in at number three is the Phallosan Forte penis extender. It is not your conventional extender, as it uses suction to draw the penis away from the body in order to stretch it. It is also relatively new on the market and is still being tested out by lots of customers, but so far the results look very promising.

One of the great things about the Phallosan Forte is that you can wear it under clothes, or while you are sleeping. This allows you to keep the device on for longer and really reap the benefits of the gentle stretching it provides. It is made of skin-safe materials and is very comfortable to use.

Naturally, one of the downsides to such a new and innovative male enhancement product is the price. At around 340 USD it is not cheap, but it is also not one of the most expensive penis extenders around either. The efficiency of the Phallosan Forte has been proven by scientific studies too, so you know you will get your money’s worth.

The only other downside to this penis extender is that certain parts, such as the silicone protective cap and the silicone sleeve, tend to break with frequent use. Phallosan Forte do sell extra parts on their website though, so replacements are easy to get hold of.


#2: X4 Labs Penis Extender

Our second favorite penis extender of the year is the X4 Labs Extender. This company offers a wide range of traditional penis extenders, so you will most likely find what you are looking for with X4 Labs. They even offer upgrade kits, perfect for those who start as beginners with a simple penis extender kit but who then want to add more accessories. These upgrade kits are not only compatible with X4 Labs penis extenders but with most other brands too.X4 Labs have also had their penis extenders tested in clinical trials and had them verified by doctors, so you can be sure that (when used properly according to the directions) you will be completely safe when using them. X4 Labs even offer free penis extenders for those who are willing to take part in one of their ongoing clinical studies.

Since X4 Labs have such a variety of penis extender packages, you can choose the one that suits you both in style but also in price. Their penis extenders range from about 100 USD to 400 USD, depending on the package and the accessories that come with it. X4 Labs even offer financing options for payment, where you pay 50% of the price up front and the remainder of the cost in two or three installments later on. This is really helpful, especially if you have your heart set on a specific package which is a little outside your budget.


#1: Size Genetics

Our number one pick for penis extenders in 2018 is the Size Genetics penis extender. Nominated for the PRP Award “Adult Product of the Year 2013”, it has been around since 2001 and has been clinically proven to get results. It is a doctor endorsed, type 1 medical device with a whopping 58-way comfort system which provides the user with 2800 grams of tension. With 58 ways to wear this penis extender, it is no wonder that customers rave about it being so comfortable!

The Size Genetics penis extender is built using high quality, medical grade materials, making it comfortable and safe to use for all skin types. This penis extender uses a clinically proven traction technique that is safe and effective. You will see real results is you use this penis extender regularly and consistently.

Again, the Size Genetics penis extender is very expensive, with the price ranging from 200 to 400 USD. However, the extender does come with a lot of accessories and is extremely comfortable to use because of the high-quality build materials. This is the only downside, but the other penis extenders mentioned above are great substitutes if you don’t have the money to splash out on a Size Genetics penis extender.


Summing Up These are our top three picks for penis extenders in 2018. All three have been proven to work in clinical studies, as well as by the raving reviews left by customers. Size Genetics is our number one because it has been around for 17 years with no dip in quality or popularity. If you are on a more restricted budget, then X4 Labs would be a good bet, especially with their payment plans.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the current best-selling penis extenders of 2018. Do as much research as possible before parting with your hard-earned cash, and make sure to always buy directly from the company to avoid being scammed. Good luck with your purchase!

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